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Feed The Heroes is winding down

On schedule, Feed The Heroes is winding down its operations. May we respectfully request that any committed funds are submitted promptly for disbursement nationwide. You can contact us directly at corporatedonations@feedtheheroes.com.

Remaining monies will be spent down throughout the month of June.

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Hi Folks,
‘Only seeing the “winding down” news today (Sat. June 13th). I wish to thank you for such a wonderful & wide-reaching initiative. I believe that the aim/mission of “Feed The Heroes” has been truly successful, probably far above and beyond anything even envisioned at the outset.

You appealed to us all, both individually and collectively and each week, as I made my very small donation, I enjoyed the true sense of ‘community’ that unfolded as the project simply blossomed with response from every corner of the country…..and fed “our heroes”.

In addition, may I add that I believe it has given us all a far better understanding of the amazing work, commitment and sacrifice made by “our heroes” on the front lines on a daily basis, even long before the emergence of Covid-19. They then stepped it up and did not waver for a moment as the cases multiplied.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to ALL involved: project organizers, food/drinks providers, chefs, all other vendors, and last but not least, “our heroes”.
You’ve all renewed my faith in humanity….isn’t it amazing what a little kindness & thinking about the welfare of others can achieve? “Our heroes” were working so hard to keep us all safe and well; their commitment and bravery appealed to the best in everyone and the response truly remarkable. Thank you, everyone.
Yours sincerely,

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